Shabbat Services

Feel free to contact our Spiritual Chair Susan Green at, or the office at 208-726-1183.

Shabbat Home Hospitality

March 1, 2019On March 1, 2019 the Jewish people in North America will be celebrating Shabbat Across America. The WRJC will be celebrating with them with our own version of this event.

We are excited to promote this for members to get together in a more intimate setting and as a way to become better acquainted with one another. At the same time, the simple observance of a Shabbat traditional dinner will enhance our appreciation of this timeless ritual.

Here is the way this will work. We are asking you to sign up either as a host family or as a guest.

The host families will open their homes for the number of guests that they can comfortably accommodate. The Shabbat ritual is simple….candle lighting with the traditional prayer, a prayer over Shabbat wine, and a motzi over the challah. Some families might want to incorporate the tradition of sharing the good things that have happened to them during the previous week. Some might use this occasion to initiate a tzedakah box. The meal itself does not have to be fancy….it is the ritual of sharing a meal together and going through the traditions of Shabbat and breaking bread together that matter.

The meal itself should be kosher style (meaning no pork or shell fish, no mixing meat and dairy in the combination).

The guest families will be assigned to the host family by our committee. The guest family might be asked to bring a dish to the host.

We will also be providing materials to help you with the ritual as needed.

We know it will be an enjoyable evening for all who participate!

This online spreadsheet is a place for you to sign up to either be a host or a guest. Hope to see your name on the list. We would appreciate if you could please fill out the form within a week.


Noa Ries and Sue Green

For more information please contact Noa at

Shabbat services are held on Fridays at 6:00 pm. They take place at:

St. Thomas Episcopal Church (201 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum)
WRJC Office (471 Leadville Avenue, Ketchum)

Please see the weekly newsletter for more information on this week's location.   If you would like to be included on our mailing list, please send an email to our Executive Director, Claudie Goldstein, .  

An Oneg Shabbat is provided at the conclusion of each service. Oneg Shabbat translates to "Joy of the Sabbath" and is a reception following the Shabbat service with light refreshments. Oneg Shabbats gives us an opportunity to meet and greet our fellow worshipers.

Perhaps a birthday, anniversary, or some special occasion is coming up, and you and your family would like to commemorate the occasion. Why not sponsor an Oneg? WRJC will be providing wine and challah. Feel free to contact  Claudie Goldstein, our Executive Director,   at 208-726-1183.

We encourage you to join us and share in the joys of Shabbat.