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"The question is not who will allow me to do something. The question is who will stand in my way"-

I started my mission in a small and special mountain community in Sun Valley, Idaho, which is identified with the reform movement. And when I say small, I mean small, there are only 13,000 people in the three connecting towns, which are over 100 miles from the nearest city. During my life I found myself exploring many areas of interest to find what I like, what sparks my energy, besides sports, and I discovered the education world. From the age of 12 until my discharge from the IDF at the age of 21, I found myself working with communities - whether it was youth movements, various responsibilities at school, volunteering, or going on missions abroad. In the army, in addition to being an Iron Dome soldier, the concern for my fellow soldier was at the top of my priorities, and I loved my work and responsibilities, including every last detail. When I was released from the army, everything stopped. I loved getting up in the morning and feeling like I was doing something full of meaning, and after the army - I missed it. I liked knowing that today I was doing something for someone else, that I improved his day even a little, and after the army - I missed it. I loved teaching, educating and passing on knowledge, developing people, and after the army - yes, I missed it. During that time, I met many people, many jews living abroad. Some were random acquaintance but the connection with some of them was immediate and continues to this day. And then it happened. A vast world opened up to me that I was sure I knew well - but I was wrong. As a curious girl, I started asking lots of questions, researching a little more, reading and trying to understand, and then I realized. Do you know that feeling you have in your stomach, as if your body is telling you that what you are doing is right? That's how I felt when I filled out the registration form for the Jewish Agency's screenings. After three years working as a security guard, studying, and volunteering in Israel - Although, I couldn’t explain, I felt better, despite the fear and apprehension of big change. "Change doesn't happen in a day"- A sentence I say to myself every morning in front of the mirror. The people here are curious about Israeli culture and Israel in general, and the challenge of being the first one who is starting a mission of this kind is fascinating to me. Although the community is small, it has everything – people who are close to religion, and some are far from it, people who fast on Yom Kippur and brake the fast 3 hours earlier (they didn't understand the concept), people who come to prayer together every week and those who only come on holidays, those who love Israel very much and those who might believer in love Israel but don't like to talk about it, because “it's too complicated”. The magic is that there are two things that are a common denominator for all - they are Jewish, and they are sporty. Very sporty.

Sun Valley is a world-famous ski resort in the summer and outdoor recreational summer destination. People who live here are drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains and the sports and activities it offers. Everyone here is athletic in at least 3 different types of sports, and those who aren’t into sports ot outdoors- well, you’ll simply won’t see them. They just don't live here. When the Jewish Agency offered me this community, they put in front of me the fact that I am the first emissary here, and that the infrastructure from scratch - but it was an offer I could not refuse. I realized that the work and experience I have gained so far in my life are now being put to the test.

And yes, after a three-year journey of questioning my own future goals and changing my college major changes, I was looking to feel again the sense of mission, action, influence, the feeling of taking part in something bigger than you, the feeling of getting up in the morning knowing that you are changing something in the world, no matter how small.

I found it again! Or as I wrote at the beginning, the question is not who will allow me to do something, the question is who will stand in my way.

It was always my dream, but I didn't know it was my dream.

Tell me - is there anything more fulfilling than one’s sense of self-fulfillment?

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