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WRJC Religious School

Youngest Kids: ages 5-7


Younger Kids: ages 8-10


BBMP (bar/bat mitzvah prep): ages 11-13


Youth Group (post bar/bat mitzvah): ages 13-14


Teen Group: ages 15-18




“The most sacred duty of parents was to teach their children. Judaism became the religion whose heroes were teachers and whose passion was study and the life of the mind. The Egyptians built pyramids. The Greeks built the Parthenon. The Romans built the Coliseum. Jews built schools. That is why they alone, of all the civilizations of the ancient world are still alive and strong, still continuing their ancestors’ vocation, their heritage intact and undiminished.”

- Rabbi Jonathon Sacks.


This teaching from Sir Lord Rabbi Sacks captures the philosophy of our religious school. Education is a core tenant of Judaism – so important to pass on our heritage and Torah to our children.  We live in the modern, questioning world and yet it is key to impart these ancient stories, wisdoms and traditions.  The WRJC curriculum introduces students to both the ancient words and the modern world and offers tools for making lifelong choices guided by Judaism’s core values. 

We offer Sunday school, Bar and Bat Mitzvah prep and post year and a teen youth group to our WRJC families with kids ranging from 5 to 18 years old as outlined below:




WRJC SUNDAY SCHOOL:18 Sessions/ Year (twice a month September-May)

We design these sessions to meet the varied needs of our community. Different than many communities who hold classes in the mornings, we purposefully wait until the mountain has closed in the winter season.


Our classes are in the following “pods” and times will be shared upon application completion:

Students Ages 5-7:

For the students just beginning WRJC sunday school, subjects include encountering Shabbat, holidays, and Jewish values, shared through songs, crafts, foods, storytelling, and more.


Students Ages 8-10:


Pre-B’Nai Mitzvah students (not every student must have a Bar or Bat Mitzvah although we greatly encourage this right of passage). The key components to these classes are enjoyment and engagement, and our primary goal is to foster a positive Jewish identity through Jewish learning, songs, crafts, foods, and traditions. Students are introduced to Hebrew through song and prayers and basic learning of the Hebrew aleph bet. The Jewish life cycle and calendar provide regular benchmarks for students to visit and revisit each year. Additional topics include Torah stories, Jewish values, and Israeli culture.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prep (BBMP): Students Ages 11-13:

 Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah students (known as B’Nai Mitzvah) are welcomed into the Brit, or covenant, of the Jewish people. Our WRJC tweens/teens become Bat or Bar Mitzvah (at age 13 for both girls and boys) begin to study intensive Hebrew to prepare for this passage of rite. Torah stories that may already be familiar take on new meaning as students delve deeper into commentary and apply the lessons to their own lives. Holiday celebrations continue with an added layer of history and underlying meanings. Jewish ethics, prayer, Israel, and the Holocaust are all introduced at a more sophisticated level. Students also begin group study sessions that focus specifically on the prayers, blessings, Torah reading, and Shabbat service that they will lead from the bima, as this group begins to help lead Friday night Shabbat services.



Meets 10-12 times a year


These students have already had their B’nai Mitzvah and are continuing their Jewish experience with friends in a social/learning setting.  Focusing on the core values of Judaism: Social Responsibility, Compassion, Gratitude, Confidence, Curiosity and Mindfulness, the youth group sessions continue to engage students with Jewish values, growing friendships, and tikkun olam (community service). This is an extended period of study and friendships that will grow the next generation of the WRJC community into Jewish adults.


TEEN GROUP Ages 15-18:

Meets 4-5 times a year


The WRJC Teen Group gets together to discuss current events, engage with other Jewish teens, share wins and challenges amongst their peers.  Activities include events such as game night, movie night, bowling night and group hikes.


All of these activities are led by WRJC’s Rabbi-Educator Dana Berntson. Dana was ordained as a Rabbi in December 2023 and has led the WRJC Sunday School and youth activities for many years. She is much loved and we encourage you to reach out to her directly for more information about our robust youth programming.


Religious Education Program Director: Rabbi Educator Dana Berntson


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