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The Permanent Home of the Wood River Jewish Community


The Wood River Jewish Community (WRJC) Building has recently purchased a building in Elkhorn to provide  a permanent home for our congregation.


Our new home, which will include a Sanctuary for over 100 people, will be the first Jewish place of worship in the Wood River Valley or within 100 miles.

We welcome your support for the campaign and our new home. Please make a pledge using the button on this page.

The Board has established the following giving levels:


FOUNDING BENEFACTOR: $200,000 and above
PATRON: $100,000 to $199,999
LEADER: $50,000 to $99,999
DONOR: $25,000 to $49,999
GIVER: $15,000 to $24,999
SUPPORTER: $10,000 to $14,999
FRIEND: $5,000 to $9,999
CONTRIBUTOR: Below $5,000 

For more information about the Building Campaign, please contact the leaders of our Building Campaign:

Online contributions are made via our PayPal account. 


Please be sure to use the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS' memo field to tell us which fund you are contributing to and how you want your gift recognized. 

Our Donors

Many thanks to our generous donors to date: 

Founding Benefactor:

The Annenberg Foundation

David Kaye & Judith Teller Kaye

Ken Lewis & Joyce Hart


Judy & Marshall Meyer

Naomi Fine Sloan Family


Joseph and Ellen Fastow

Andrew Fradkin and Jill Grossman 

Ted Gold & Margaret Gering

Phil Goldstein & Cathy Dobbs Goldstein

Ron & Sue Green

Ron & Susan Greenspan

Kanowsky Family

Ron and Sylvia Hartman

Stacey and Dan Levitan 

Marty & Mila Lyon

Larry and Gloria Monkarsh

Mark and Kristina Pickard

Platt Family

Eileen & Fred Prager

Jeff & Elana Rose

Arthur & Ellen Rubinfeld

Lynda & Bob Safron

Roselyne Swig

Paul Wolff & Rhea Schwartz


Anonymous (2)

Richard and Barrie Galante

Bruce Green & Barry Karas

Jeff and Judy Greenstein

Maurice Kanbar

Mike Raskin & Susie Kupferman

Leonard Stern

Bobby and Lauren Turner

Robert and Caryn Tyre


Jan Aronson

Jory Magidson and Caren Frankel

Stuart and Rivian Glickman

Lawrence Goelman Family

Darryl Hall & the Hall Family

Alan and Wendy Pesky

Scott Rogel


Beth Dozoretz 

Jonathan and  Susan Dolgen

Mark and Jill Eshman

William and Joan Feldman Family 

Scott and Laura Lewis

Irv and Trudy Littman

Flora Mason

Elliott and Joanne Mercer

Lee and Jill Pollock

Juli & Michael Roos

Carlyn Ring

Mitchell & Elizabeth Schwartz

Elaine Wynn

Stanley and Barbara Zax



Arthur G. Altschul/ Overbrook Foundation

Kelly and Michael Brown

Buzz & Penny Coe

Brad Cohen

Lenny & Linda Cohen

Steve and Betsy Conowitz

Steve Dorinson and Susanne Marx

Bunker and Larry Frank

Marissa Levin and Ron Frankel

Jonathan and Michele Gathrid

Jan Philpsborn and Mitch Hollins

Josh & Rowena Kleinman

Steve & Amy Kroll

Mendelsohn Family

Michael and Esther Ochsman

Bing and Carolyn Olbum 

 Robert Rand

Susan Reinstein and Brian Ross

Len & Phyllis Schlessinger

Marc and Jane Shorr

Gail Stern

Susan Swig

Bob and Libby Weil


Anonymous (2)

Noel and Michelle Adams

Susan Alban

Scott and Karen Alpert

Ash Foundation/ Joseph and Delvi Ash

Richard Bass and Harriet Parker- Bass

Ben & Dana Berntson

BJ and Nancy Blair 

A.G Block

Etienne and Judy Blumberg

Lew and Barbara Brown

Barry & Sylvia Bunshoft

Linda & Jay Cooper

Rob and Charlotte Cronin

Sue Diamond & Marty Schenker

Rick and Jami Delgado

Valerie Diamond

Sherwin and Janet Drobner

Richard and Dianna Drucker

Jim Fabe

Facebook donation misc

Daniel and Diane Feldman

Pam Grich and Fink

Paul and Joanne Firstenberg

Coni Foster

Norman Friedman

Woody and Margery Friedlander

Myra Friedman and Ralph Fullerton

Ari and Kristen Geffen

 Gershater Family

Michael and Barbara Gettelman

Lorraine & Richard Gilden

Scott  and Carol Glenn 

Rhoda and Dan Glickman

Linda Goldman

Bob & Claudie Goldstein

Alan and Susie Greinetz 

Al and Brenda Hackel

Larry and Rebekah Helzel

Jamie Hyams

Benjamin Jacobson

Stan and Harriet Joseph

Kantor  Foundation

Marty and Leslie kaplan

Carole Klein

Myrna Koffman

Ray Ann Kremer and George Shapiro

David and Amy Levere

Philipp Levin

Flora Lovejoy and Alan Hoffman

Moghan and Tracy Lyon

Pamela Mann and  Mark Miller

Jeanne Meyers

Oscar & Fran Michael

Steve and Julie Meineke

Carole Nie

Sue Noel

Myrna Oliver

Parvin family

Lionel and Annette Paskoff

Russ and Carrie Pillar 

Tony and Conny Price

Enid and Greg Rawlings

Bryan & Noa Ries

Larry and Nina Rothstein 

Peter Seligman

Glen and Vick Shapiro

Rabbi Robbi Sherwin & Mark Jordan

Joy Siegel

Neil & Julie Siegel 

Ivy Slike

Candice & Richard Stark 

Sergio Bicas and Tamar Dolgen

Bonnie & Bob Zalkowitz

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