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March 9, 2023


Dear Members and Friends,


As I write this letter, it is the end of February, and we have just moved from our office on  Leadville to our new home in Elkhorn.  Ron and I decided to go over to the WRJC to see how things were progressing with the move-in.  Over the weekend, several volunteers had been there to begin the process of unpacking boxes, putting things away and trying to create some sort of move-in order.  There were still empty boxes piled up in what is the Oneg space, and clearly  plenty of work ahead to put things where they need to be.

As I turned to look at the Sanctuary, I was struck by the absolute serenity, beauty and lightness of the room.  I could feel the spirituality inherent in the space that would soon be occupied by our  sacred Torahs.  I could absolutely envision all the special events that would be taking place there, from our Shabbat services to holiday services to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Even our  community wide social events will have a special atmosphere in which to take place.


However, a building is just a building until it is imbued with the life of the people who created it.   In our case, it is Jewish life that will finally fill our congregational home with meaning and purpose.  Jewish life encompasses all that we do as a community to connect with one another through  prayer, study, learning and discussion, holiday celebration – both religious and  historical, the practice of Tikkun Olam….and much, much more.  All these things are supported by the presence of a spiritual leader and by the engagement of our community members who are motivated to   insure that Jewish life in the Wood River Valley remains vibrant and accessible to all who wish to       participate.


So, this letter is actually an appeal to you for your continuing support and generous contribution to our annual Jewish Life Campaign 2022/2023 as we embark on this latest chapter in the evolution of the Wood River Jewish Community. This congregation has been extremely generous in support of the WRJC and all that it represents.  We have so much gratitude for all of you who have been our partners in our mutual endeavors.


Wishing you a Chag Sameach this Passover.


Susan Green             

Past President and Board Member


Claudie Goldstein, Executive Director/Director of Development                                                

Development Committee members: Phil Goldstein, Susan Green, Joanne Mercer, Judy Meyer, Bob Safron, Gail Stern, Rhea Schwartz

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