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Jewish Life

Dear Members and Friends,


Everyone affiliated with the Wood River Jewish Community should be so proud that our community has grown from a few families celebrating holidays to the only Jewish community and synagogue within a hundred miles.


Today we have 200 members here in this wonderful valley that we all love. This would not be the same without a Jewish community offering life-long learning, worship and related spiritual activities. In order to make all this happen we are privileged to have our very own part time Rabbi and religious school staff who bring us the programs that are a crucial part of Jewish life. This would not be possible without your support in giving generously to our Annual Jewish Life Appeal which is part of our annual sustainability campaigns.


We ask you to make your contribution today. Our community begins right here as The Wood River Jewish Community will now join nearly a dozen churches in the valley with a place to call home. We will genuinely be a part of the community.


We urge you to join in making this campaign a success.


Wishing you a wonderful spring.



For the Development Committee, Jeff Rose, Vice President


Claudie Goldstein, Executive Director/Director of Development


Development Committee members: Margaret Gold, Phil Goldstein, Joanne Mercer, Bob Safron, Gail Stern, Rhea Schwartz

Please use PayPal's "Special Instructions" to tell us what you are donating to. 

Many thanks.
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